Fast, Safe, & Effective Workouts

SerenityFit MN is a private personal training studio that uses advanced Robotically-Controlled-Resistance for safe and effective workouts. If you are interested in fat burning and strength building 20-minute training sessions, set up a consultation using the button below!

What Sets SerenityFit Apart

Robotically-Controlled-Resistance Training

SerenityFit’s workouts use Robotically-Controlled-Resistance to give your body the most effective workout possible when it comes to losing weight and toning up.

Only 20 Minutes!

Get a Full-Body workout done in 20 minutes. Our 20 minute workouts safely build muscle by providing the perfect amount of force with every motion.

Accessible to All

Our weight loss program will help you shed those unwanted pounds and feel confident in your own skin, no crash diets or extreme measures required!

Nutrition Planning and Guidance

Work with your coach on setting up realistic nutrition goals set you up for success, whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or feel amazing


Lorah T.

SerenityFit has an awesome program. I have tried other programs and understand how working out 4-6 times a week is not good for my body, mind and time management. Steven is a phenomenal coach and sends messages daily checking in on food and if any body aches. i am seeing great results and work hard for 20 minutes then i am done. The program is for everyone. I am 67 years old and I find it perfect. You will not be disappointed with the program, communication and private sessions. The program and trainers will exceed your expectations.


Kathleen K.

By far the best option for strength training around! Super challenging and effective. Zero worries about getting hurt due to personal trainers that know what they are doing. 20 minutes and you feel every muscle worked!


Janice R.

Excellent place to get yourself strengthened and fit! And doesn’t take alot of time but it is worth the effort. So encouraging 😀 I moved so I can’t go very often but when I did go consistently, I saw fast results! I moved up to Brainerd area, wish they were up here!! P.S. Steven in White Bear is awesome and a True Blessing!!